Sciences and Humanities


MNRCET Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities play a unique and distinctive role in an institute where the ethos of science and technology prevails. The faculty has been accomplishing its mandate through incorporation of the latest scientific ideas and techniques in almost all the professional programmes of higher education. Apart from preparing the students for higher courses, the department takes a major lead in demonstrating and enabling students to imbibe leadership qualities.

MNR H&S department strives for proper application of scientific learning in Engineering and upholding the highest ethical and professional standards. It pledges to discharge its duties and obligations to the students and staff efficiently and effectively. It aims continual improvement in all the related activities.

Quality Policy: To practice high standards of academic excellence through improved teaching pedagogy that includes classroom interaction, case discussion, seminars by various industry experts and eminent academicians, hands-on training, group discussions and role-play, workshops, etc.

About HOD

Sangeetha K, HOD

Sangeetha K, Msc Maths, B.Ed, Osmania University, Hyderabad, Telangana state -HoD- Dept. of Humanities & Sciences

  • HoD Dept. of Humanities & Sciences, having 6 years of experience in Teaching and technical field.
  • Vast experience in different institutions to teach and guide students.
  • Dedicated and Practical oriented teacher.
  • Always have a passion for learning, clubbed with great burden and desire to share the knowledge and experiences to students and staff members.
  • Counselling plays a key role to the Professional students and this aspect is also given prime importance in the department with the help of cordial staff members under my guidance.

Highlights of Department

  • MNR H&S department successfully inculcated conceptual and technical skills in students through a scientific teaching methodology based on lectures, case studies, seminars, group discussions, project works, and assignments, quiz programs, etc.
  • The systematic and well planned approach to problem solving is emphasized in the classrooms, and laboratories through the course projects.
  • Teaching aids such as LCD Projector, OHP, CD demo, equipment demonstrations, Models, Charts etc are regularly used to enhance better understanding.
  • In addition to the regular subject knowledge, students imbibe the essential quality of Human Values, Professional Ethics and Soft Skills through classroom teaching and counselling which form the crux of the Department.
  • Additional computer training beyond the scope of the syllabus.

Responsibilities taken towards students

  • Provided conceptual knowledge and make them visualize the things ( by conducting group discussions & interviews frequently.
  • To identify the weak points of the students (stage fear, shyness, etc.) and measures/activities taken to overcome them.
  • Frequent presentations and debates conducted for the students to overcome and strengthen their week areas and built confidence in them.
  • Developed the hidden talents of the students (extracurricular activities like singing, dancing, painting, anchoring etc.
  • Provided guidance and support in making notes.
  • Adopted zero tolerance approach towards ragging.

Objectives of the Department

  • To impart value-based knowledge to the students.
  • To keep pace with the growing needs of the society at large and industry in particular and prepare the students for life.
  • To organize training programs/seminars/workshops for upgrading staff performance.
  • To develop research activity and publish technical papers in National and International Journals.