Computer science & Engineering


MNRCET Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) has highly qualified and experienced faculty. It has the sophisticated and necessary infrastructural facilities required for imparting high quality education and it is completely well structured to meet the contemporary needs of the industry.

Seminars, Workshops are conducted to keep faculty and students updated with latest developments in various technologies. The students are molded into competent software professionals, to face the tough challenges of Computer Science and Information Technology sectors.

MNRCSE offers a strong UG program blending theoretical and practical knowledge to keep up with the growing demand of Information Technology (IT) industry. Students are prepared to apply engineering knowledge to domains like finance, health care, banking etc. We focus on getting the student engaged in lifelong learning by independently and continually expanding knowledge and skills.

Career in IT is considered as one of the high-paying jobs and full of opportunities. Indian IT prowess is recognized across the globe. Numerous IT companies employ huge number of computer professionals in India and overseas offices.

Computer Engineers can be a lucrative career option with plenty of options to work in departments such as design, development, assembly, manufacture & maintenance. Programmer, web-developer and e-commerce specialist with telecommunication companies, automotive companies, aerospace companies, etc.

About HOD

M. Prem Chander, HOD

MNRCSE department has been striving hard to inculcate conceptual and technical skills in students through a scientific teaching methodology based on lectures, case studies, seminars, group discussions, project works, assignments, quiz programs etc.

The systematic and well planned approach to problem solving is emphasized in the classrooms, and laboratories through the course projects and additional computer training beyond the scope of the syllabus. Teaching aids such as LCD Projector, OHP, CD demo, equipment demonstrations, Models, Charts, etc. are regularly used to enhance better understanding.


To provide quality education in Computer Science & Engineering and thus prepare students who are globally competent engineering professionals. To inculcate moral values and R&D skills to help them provide service to engineering profession & society.


  • To promote excellence in teaching, research, and collaborative activities, and to prepare graduates for professional career or higher studies.
  • Creating intellectual environment for developing logical skills and problem solving strategies, thus to develop, able and proficient computer engineer to compete in the current global scenario.
  • Empowering the youth in rural communities with computer education.