Vision & Mission


The vision statement of MNR College of Engineering & Technology reflects our steadfastness to be at the forefront of providing quality education that enriches lives and eventually shapes the future of our nation. To be a College of Engineering & Technology where students will get an excellent education and training in engineering & technology, maximum exposure to research, and equipped for excellence. It also envisions serving humanity by creating socially responsible, competent, and empathetic members of society for societal development.

  • To evolve into a center of excellence, giving high-quality training for Education, Engineering & Technology to enrich lives.
  • Strive to emerge as a center of excellence by continuing with a special focus on research and development.
  • To be globally recognized as student-centric and synonymous with quality education and competence in various fields to produce successful professionals.
  • To impart quality service through education and advanced innovative practices.
  • To educate and shape a new generation of students equipped to serve and face any challenges in this progressing dynamic world of augmented and virtual reality.
  • To teach, train and instill in students emotional excellence, social consciousness, professional commitment, and ethical values so they can contribute and serve the world in better ways.


MNR College of Engineering & Technology mission is to provide a student-centric learning environment. To educate and train students to become future professionals who have excellent academic knowledge, who can compete in the highest levels, and are committed to serving, guided by professional ethics and compassion.

MNRCET aims to impact society on regional, national, and global levels. Our innovative, dedicated, and highly qualified pedagogy are focused and determined to make the mission possible. It also aims to provide student-centric learning environment with transformative and multi-faceted educational experience. It’s not all about teaching facts but training of mind to think. Students not only learn but are invited to create new ideas.

  • To promote research and development and shape the students by honing their innate skills so that they have the ability and readiness to develop entrepreneurship.
  • To workout knowledge enhancement programs for students for societal development.
  • To instill leadership skills and overall personality development among students, addressing their psychological and spiritual needs.
  • To provide excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure, laboratories, workshops, libraries, research centers, and gym facilities.
  • To contribute to the needs of society by shaping students through high-quality student-centric education .
  • To educate and shape competitive and emotionally balanced professionals with strong social consciousness.
  • To instill self-actualization in students and encourage them to find ways and methods to achieve it on their own.
  • To educate not only of facts but to train the mind to think