spiritual center

Spiritual Centre

People have always looked for the 'new big thing,' the new technology, an innovative design in hopes to improve the future. But, in some ways, so many man-made materials are being produced that the beauty and value of the existing world is being overlooked. Since man has created a prescription drug for just about anything, more and more people are being diagnosed with some sort of mental disorder. Feeling down or having trouble focusing on a task? There's a prescription drug for that. Humans try to treat a problem with a drug (prescribed or self-medicated) that sometimes results in addiction. In a world looking for innovative and new ideas, instead of treating the mind with a drug, why not treat the mind with the mind? A new, healthier approach should be taken: create a world using architecture designed to help heal the mind. Behavioural addictions, in particular, currently have no specific treatment methods - medical or psychological. These addictions also have been proven to be one of the root causes of substance or alcohol abuse. When a person has an addiction, they fail to resist the urge or temptation to behave in a way that is harmful to him/her and/or others around them. Though no

            THE TRINITY OF HUMAN SOUL, BUILT ENVIRONMENT, AND DIVINE POWER has a spiritual connection to Earth. Nature is harmoniously connected to the energy of the universe, to create buildings that harmoniously connect to the earth as if the architectural form was destined to be there, inhabitants of that architecture will harmoniously connect with the universe.

            In order to achieve this, climate, culture, tradition, and historical issues of the building’s context must be considered. Although context issues considered could be national instead of city specific, using the immediate surrounding’s issues will ultimately result in a form that communicates with the earth it rests upon. By consciously considering the site’s context when designing the built environment, architecture will unconsciously affect the people it holds. Doing so creates architecture that acts as the channel between the power of universe and the human soul. Architecture that has an intimate relationship with the earth will be truly connected to the cosmos, which will then touch the soul within a person, thus creating a divine trinity that unconsciously invokes spiritual healing. By creating such a spiritual relationship, inhabitants will feel like they truly belong on this earth and find purpose in their existence. 

The  Art of Living and Bramhakumari’s conduct spiritual classes every week to give stress free life to staff and students.