Alumni Association

MNRCollege of Engineering and Technology Alumni Association [MNRCETAA]

MNR College of Engineering and Technology Alumni Association [MNRCETAA] has been formed by the students of the college. Now, they can get in touch with the college whenever they want to, and from wherever they are. The main idea behind this is to update the students of the latest happenings in the college. All the out-going students are the members of the Association.

Reflections, the annual alumni get-together, enable all of them to refresh the memories of their college days. Reminiscing has never been so easy!

For the Institute, the true worth of its activities, in the long run, is the success of its alumni. To assist in strengthening the link with alumni, the Institute has setup alumni office headed by Dr. M. Venkaiah, Secretary Alumni Relations. It makes the Institute proud to know that its alumni have achieved success in their endeavors and reached the highest positions in all fields - whether it is research, academics, industry, entrepreneurship, or management.

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